The BMW lineup gets a small addition with a big attitude

April 14th, 2016 by
BMW M2 Coupe


You've more than likely seen running footage, photos, or video reviews of the all-new 2016 BMW M2 coupe. You've probably fallen in love with its advanced aerodynamics, smooth curves, and sharp, aggressive lines. You've probably daydreamed about its 4.1-second 0 – 60 time.

You've maybe downloaded a picture of it on your phone so you can look at it during the day. No judgment.

But you've never seen it like this.

Motor Trend Channel took it upon themselves to put the new M2 to the test, by pitting it cheek-to-cheek with its big brother, the BMW M4 coupe. And what happens just might surprise you.

Dying to test out the 2016 BMW M2 for yourself? You'll be able to, shortly.

The automaker promised a release date in April, so fans in White Plains can hopefully expect the new model to land sometime in the next few weeks. If you're particularly anxious, we encourage you to contact us; you can elect to receive notifications, ask about pre-ordering a new BMW, or just chat with an expert about specifics on this fantastic new coupe.

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