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Time Flies When You’re Behind the Wheel of a BMW

Leasing can be the most financially advantageous way of driving a BMW. Perhaps that’s why more than half of BMW Drivers lease. Leasing does not require the same cash commitment as financing; you only pay for the value of the vehicle you use during its lease. Also, at the end of lease term, you have the flexibility to turn in your BMW for another, re-lease for additional term, buy at set agreement price, or turn it in and walk away.

Whether you leased your vehicle from BMW of Westchester or not we can help with your BMW lease return.

And since there is nothing like driving a new BMW, we are going to help make it easier to stay behind the wheel of the Ultimate Driving Machine!


  1. Q: Is it possible to end my lease early?

A: YES! Your leased vehicle may have equity dependent on its condition and market value.
We’re interested in buying your leased vehicle. Call BMW of Westchester today to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation equity appraisal.

  1. Q: Do I have to return my BMW to the dealer that I originally leased from?
    A: You’re welcome to return your leased vehicle right here at BMW of Westchester regardless of where you took delivery! While we have a large selection of new BMW and Certified BMW vehicles and a variety of pre-owned vehicles including an extensive one-owner inventory, if we don’t have the perfect vehicle for you, we will still accept your lease turn-in with no pressure to buy from us.
  2. Q: When do I begin to plan for my next BMW?
    Approximately 4-6 months from the end of your lease is a great time to begin considering your vehicle transition options. If you begin planning within 6-8 months, BMW of Westchester may be able to custom build your dream BMW with your preferred features!
  3. Q: Are there benefits to returning my current BMW and leasing a new BMW?
    Absolutely! Besides the benefit of having the ability to easily transition into a new BMW model with the most up-to-date standard safety, entertainment and technology features, there are lots of benefits to continuing to lease a BMW vehicle:
  • You may qualify to upgrade your leased vehicle early via the BMW Pull Ahead program or a Lease End Credit.
  • You may be able to take advantage of available Owner Loyalty incentive programs
  • BMW Financial Services offers an Unused Mileage Loyalty Credit for drivers who return their BMW with less than their contractual miles.
  • If you choose to finance or lease your next BMW through BMW Financial Services, your vehicle disposition fee will be waived.
  1. Q: Can I Certify my current BMW and purchase it?
    BMW of Westchester makes it easy for you to purchase your current vehicle, plus receive the benefits of our Certified Pre-Owned Program. If you choose to purchase your vehicle, we can put it through our rigorous Certified Pre-Owned qualification checklist. Once your vehicle graduates our Certified Pre-Owned Program, you are set to enjoy all of the benefits that accompany Certification: CPO Protection plan, which provides up to 6-Years/100,000-Mile Coverage, BMW Roadside Assistance and BMW Assist Safety & Convenience Services.
  2. Q: Should I have a pre-inspection completed prior to my lease maturing?
    We recommend a pre-inspection 90‐120 days before the end of your lease. This is a complimentary service we offer to provide you with an itemized list of excess wear and use charges to help avoid surprises at the end of the term. The inspection takes approximately 30 minutes and this information will help you determine whether any maintenance or repairs are necessary and whether or not you wish to complete them before the end of the lease.
  3. Q: Who do I contact to set up a pre-inspection or a final turn in?
    Please contact BMW of Westchester by calling (914) 761-6666 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a time that works best for you. Feel free to review the BMW Wear and Tear Guidelines prior to your appointment.
  1. Q: How much will it cost me if I am over my original contracted miles?
    Please contact us as charges vary by model and you may have several options from which to choose (e.g. purchasing additional miles before your lease maturity).
  2. Q: What do I need to bring when I return my BMW?
    Both sets of keys, books (navigation disk and cargo cover if equipped)
  3. Q: What will I be charged should I choose to return my vehicle and not lease a new BMW?
    A. An itemized list will be provided to you during your pre-inspection or final inspection.
    Charges may be incurred depending on the condition of your vehicle, as well as if you are returning to another BMW lease. Below are some of the important things that we check for when doing a pre-inspection and/or final inspection:
  • Disposition Fee: BMW charges $350 to turn in your lease. However, this fee is waived if you lease or purchase another BMW within 6 months from lease turn-in.
  • Overdue Services: If your regular required services (oil changes, filters, brakes, etc.) are overdue, a $750 fee is charged as this vehicle can no longer pass certification. If you are unsure of any overdue services, we can review your service record with you before lease turn-in.
  • Tires: If your vehicle is needing tires, it is crucial that the same Original BMW Approved Tires are put on the vehicle. Please contact us with further questions or click here to view our BMW Approved Tires.
  • Parts: It is also important that the vehicle is returned with all of the Original Manufacturer parts. A charge may be incurred if items were replaced or added that are not BMW parts.
  • Dings/Scratches/Dents: Any cosmetic issues are subject to be charged depending on the severity.
  • Miles: If you are over your allotted miles, we recommend purchasing miles at a discounted rate prior to lease-end.

All of this information will be reviewed during your scheduled pre-inspection if you have further questions.
Please note that the pre-inspection is not considered the final inspection of your vehicle and charges are subject to change.


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